Monday, 11 October 2010

New Agent

I have just joined the great agency Eastwing. Check out my work here Eastwing.

Lovely Larma

Its not actually a larma, its an Alpacha!
This is my new 3 colour screen print edition of 18, ize - 58cm x 41 cm £75.00 and available online at SNAP

Strawberry basket

I painted this for my Mum's friends birthday, I was quite pleased with it in the end, I may well do another!

New cards!

I recently finished two new card designs, and they have already gone down a treat! They are both hand screenprinted, and you can purchase one for £3.50, from in store at Snap!

Teaching in Brum

I am running a 12 week module at BCU one day a week, with some lovely students and a fantastic print room..aaah, I love being back a college! We are heading to the Manchester book fair on the 6th November, and the Alternative Press Fair, on Sunday 28th November, at St. Aloysius Social Centre, Euston

Jonny was in town!

Jonny Hannah came into SNAP to print more stuff before we handed the gallery over to him! What a splendid man. She show looks brilliant I have some more photos to post soon!
This made it onto the design week blog!

Mum's summer platter

My Mum is ace!

We print onto windows!

Aaaa, this gave me such a smile!
This is the window of SNAP!

Lovely packaging!


Pizza Oven

Some very clever friendly bees made a pizza oven in the best garden in Bristol recently. Here is there dough, and there oven, and Jesus they tasted good! We had warm apple for afters!

Exhibtion at Good Earth Wells

A selection of my work is now exhibiting at the Good Earth in Wells, Somerset. It is a large vegetarian restaurant run by a lovely lovely team. I also stock my cards in their fantastic shop.
Their address is 4 Priory Road Wells BA5 1SY.

Colour on the Southbank

Recently my boyfriend and I took a trip to London and we visited our favorite spot, the Southbank. There was a food festival taking place, and I thought this made a lovely photo!